2018 NEWS

March 2018

New packaging technology is rocking the compostable and cello bag industry

DUAL SEAL  technology developed and manufactured by Reynolds Packaging. Pouches and bags now available and ready for food grade/non-food grade packaging.  Various style pouches that are economical, protect all products with extended shelf life, provide high oxygen barriers and 100% compostable. Also available in high clarity and high barrier film structures. Contact Reynolds Packaging for sample 920-569-5700

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2017 News at Reynolds Packaging

July 2017

Interview with Kelly Reynolds 

CEO of Reynolds Packaging

Insight Magazine Jully 2017 Issue

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May 2017

Recognition for New Technology

Reynolds Packaging received recognition at the 2017 THINC! Technology and Human Innovation Event.  

Reynolds Packaging is very proud and honored to be recognized by our peers in manufacturing here in the Midwest.

January-February 2017

Adding to the production line again! With the new line of the DUAL Seal Fold-Over Pouch gaining ground  we implemented a new friction feeder system.  With this high volume, our manufacturing process needed to pick up the pace, so we installed a Multi Feeder System to get us to where we needed to be.  
Just to see how we did, we decided to ask one of our customers to try it out:  
We asked a customer in Minnesota to see if they could break the bottom seal of the new DUAL Seal Pouch.    And .... this is what Rosanna said

"The girls on the production line took the bag, filled it with product and threw it against the wall in the break room.  They couldn't believe it, they couldn't get it to break."